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A home from home for your cats!

Welcome to Haven Mews Cattery – the perfect place for your cats to stay while you are away. We are a well-established cattery in Newhaven run by genuine animal-lovers and we offer first class accommodation for your cats. The environment here is peaceful and serene, and comfortable for the cats in both summer and winter, with heating and air conditioning, as well as comfortable bedding, and a stimulating environment.

Contact us to book your cat into the Haven News on 07801 563366.

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Serving cat owners from across East Sussex

People come to our cattery from across the local area, predominantly between Eastbourne and Brighton, where they can find a peaceful and stress-free place for their cats to live. It's a perfect place to drop off your cats while on the way to the Newhaven Ferry Port for people from places such as Lewes and Uckfield.

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A little about ourselves

We are Linda and Brian Renville, a husband and wife team based in the peaceful seaside town of Newhaven on the East Sussex coast. We have developed a modern, luxury cattery with your cat's safety, comfort and security in mind. The cattery is constructed by Pedigree Pens Ltd, the country's leading cattery manufacturer, and has 12 separate chalets for its guests. Read more about our cattery in Newhaven here.

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Why choose our cattery in Newhaven?


A home from home

Every emphasis is place on comfort, with ample clean blankets, baskets, sleeping beds, and scratching posts where you cat will feel at home and at ease.


You can check up on your cat while you are away, with our CCTV system, which will show you live footage of your cats relaxing in comfortable surroundings of our luxury cattery in Newhaven.

Climate control

We offer air conditioning in summer and adequate heating in winter, so your cats are always comfortable and do not experience distress.


We find music playing softly in the background helps cats feel more relaxed and happy, and also helps them acclimatise to a busy home more readily when they move back in with yourself.

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How to find our cattery

We are at 52 Avis Road, Newhaven, East Sussex, BN9 0PN. You can find us on Avis Road, which is the B2109, between the A26 and the A259. We are located about halfway along the road on the left hand side as you travel south. Please do set off early to make sure you arrive on time, as we cannot always accept late arrivals.